Make Room for youth

Make Room for youth is an initiative dedicated to millennial engagement,
the next generation born between 1980 and 2000

Millennials are the changemakers, future creators wishing to create a positive impact on their
community and the world through their work.

The millennial generation is entrepreneurial,
educated and independent-minded cohort that
is driven to do good, to create a lasting change.

Millennials all over the world are already actively reshaping their local communities for better,
bringing in innovative solutions to their problems.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if millennial generations of Europe and India would be connected? Imagine what would have happen if Alfred Nobel would have been working closely together with Mahatma Gandhi - not only communities would have been empowered and improved, but the world itself.

We believe bridging the gap between young people of Europe and India would ultimately contribute to faster development of our shared planet.

To increase the effectiveness of this next generation of changemakers and to bring a positive change,
Make Room India, is designed as a transnational platform for young people from Europe and India to exchange good practices and work closely together to innovate and support solutions
to local, national and global problems.

Make Room 4 youth currently facilitates two initiatives,
to learn more e-mail,
subject line: #mr4youth

Make Room Changemaker fellowship

Millennials from India and various countries of Europe work to innovate solutions and establish social not-for-profit and for-profit enterprises addressing current local, national or global burning problems

Make Room for exchange of good practices

With support of European Commission funded Erasmus+ program we foster transnational Millennial engagement through various mobility and capacity building activities in Europe and India.

Make Room for Youth


Make Room for Social Change


Make Room for Sustainability


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