Scaling Women-Led Busineses: Generating Opportunities to Grow
September 10th • Mumbai, India

Scaling Women-Led Businesses: Generating Opportunities to Grow is an international mobility project developed by a group of changemakers from India and Europe at the Changemakers' Room 2017. The project is submitted to the European Commission and is expected to run until 2020. Read more about the Changemakers' Room!

Entrepreneurs are critical to economic growth and prosperity of any community across the world. The recent boost of entrepreneurship in Europe and Asia has led to launch of new enterprises and currently more and more young adults view entrepreneurship as a viable livelihood option. Yet most startups are run by men and often women are held back from launching or growing up their companies due to wide range of obstacles e.g lack of entrepreneurial education, societal discrimination and stereotypes, lack of confidence and personal ability as well as access to finance and a nurturing support system. Despite the mentioned obstacles preventing women to launch businesses, the past decade shows an increasing interest among women to take up entrepreneurship as a viable livelihood option. More than 126 million women entrepreneurs have started a new business in 67 economies in 2012, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Women's Report. The EU has had various actions to boost female startups since 2004, e.g. European Network of Female Entrepreneurship and other initiatives foreseen in the Commission's 2008 Small Business Act, that has helped to encourage women launch businesses but it is critical to not only provide support and encourage women to become entrepreneurs, but more importantly the focus should be put on ensuring sustainability of the businesses run by women.

The following issues have been prioritized and are expected to be addressed throughout the international mobility project:

1. Lack of nurturing environment/system:
Limitations to entrepreneurial development opportunities for women micro-entrepreneurs;
2. Lack of skills, innovation capacity:
Lack of organizational/innovation capacity prevents growth of women micro-entrepreneurs;
3. Lack of societal support structure:
Existing societal barriers limit women to take up entrepreneurship as a viable livelihood option

The project consortium has agreed to develop the following interventions in order to contribute in solving the identified problems:

Intervention 1. - Mobilized Communities (area specific) - a replicable model of a structured, supportive and women-oriented environment - civil organizations, public authorities and private sector are involved in scaling women-led businesses.
- Identified capacity building/development opportunities available for women micro-entrepreneurs;
- Identified financial instruments available for women micro-entrepreneurs;
- Identified public authority/government available support to women micro-entrepreneurs;
- Identified legal support to women micro-entrepreneurs;

Intervention 2. - Capacity Building - an innovative ICT tool creating an online, global community of women micro-entrepreneurs building individual capacities. The Capacity Building is based on non-formal learning methodologies improving level of competences and building capacities of women micro-entrepreneurs.

Intervention 3. - Storytelling - as a tool to raise awareness and encourage women to take up entrepreneurship as a viable livelihood option. Gathering inspiring stories of hard-working women leading lives as entrepreneurs, braving the storms, overcoming obstacles and innovating solutions.


Each one of the developed interventions are expected to be replicable, socially relevant and innovative. In order to develop the interventions benefiting not only the immediate target groups identified by the official consortium of the project, but the sector at large, Make Room India organizes an open forum for individuals and organizations active in the field of women entrepreneurship.

Date: 10th September, 2017
Location: Mumbai, India
Venue: to be confirmed to registered participants
Time: 10 AM - 5.30 PM

The Open Forum is organized for individuals and organizations working in the sector of women entrepreneurship and notably with:
Community Mobilization - Creating structured, strategic community models to positively impact women micro-entrepreneurs;
Capacity Building - Building capacities of women micro-entrepreneurs, designing and implementing innovative curriculums
Awareness - Executing innovative awareness campaigns to break existing stereotypes and encourage women to become entrepreneurs

In order to participate at the Open Forum, the online registration form has to be filled. Upon successful registration an entry fee of INR 700/- has to be paid.

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The project is set to align with the European policies of education, training and youth focusing on strengthening cooperation between youth organizations working in the field of women entrepreneurship in Europe and India. The information and views set out in this project and forum are those of the organizing body, Make Room, and the project consortium and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of the European Union. Neither the European Union institutions and bodies nor any person acting on their behalf may be held responsible for the use which may be made of the information contained therein.


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