To solve the world's most pressing problems, collaboration among people, nations, political and economic unions are paramount. Connecting the world is no longer a choice, but an imperative. An ecosystem, where impact-oriented transnational partnerships are built; innovations to address socially relevant problems are developed; strategic dialogues between civil societies and public authorities are created is crucial for creating actively engaged communities with passion and capacity to solve issues of today.

Make Room is on the lookout for aspiring, passionate individuals and organisations with a well-defined area of focus tackling a socially relevant issue with an innovative, replicable and sustainable intervention. We are looking for innovative ideas, interventions, tools and services solving socially relevant issues to be improved and/or replicated as part of international mobility projects across Europe and Asia.

International collaborative projects are youth-oriented international mobility projects aiming to:
- foster cooperation and exchanges in the field of youth between Europe and Asia;

- improve the quality and recognition of youth work, non-formal learning and enhance
synergies and complementarities with other education systems, the labour market and society;

- foster the development, testing and launching of schemes and programmes of non-formal
learning mobility at regional level;

- promote transnational non-formal learning mobility between Europe and Asia, especially
targeting young people with fewer opportunities, with a view to improving level of competences
and fostering active participation in society.

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The project specific areas of focus can vary depending on the expertise of the individual and/or organization, but preferably are centered to address youth-oriented social issues! Make Room is proud of its previously developed projects within the sectors of mental health, agriculture and farming, sexual exploitation and exploitation of marginalized communities, social entrepreneurship, transgender and sexual minority rights, empowerment of women.

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