A 3-day long Training Forum, gathering some of the most aspiring and socially active individuals, nationals of the South Asia region, who have chosen Latvia as their destination for
education, employment or a place to do business.

January 26th - 28th 2018 | Dobele, Latvia

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The Forum is an informal process of dialogue to identify local and national problems fased by South Asian migrants in Latvia, ideate and propose effective interventions, build impact-oriented long-lasting partnerships with local civil-society-led organisations and public authorities and develop a concrete Call for Action tackling the identified issues faced by the migrant communities in Latvia.

Through role-play, research, case-studies, field visits, hands-on learning methods, interactions with public authorities and intense team building, participants will enhance skills of advocacy for social change, critical thinking, negotiation, problem solving and cultural intelligence for leadership.

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INTEGRATION DIALOGUE • 26.01.2018 - 28.01.2018 | DOBELE, LATVIA

The Integration Dialogue makes extensive use of non-formal education efforts to utilize potential of human talent and social capital, while conforming to the principle of lifelong learning by linking support to formal, non-formal and informal learning practices. The programme is a perfect mixture of immersive field trips, innovative learning methodologies, simulation games and team building exercises.

Interactive Workshops - Human Centered Design, Project Writing, Logical Framework Analysis, Social Business Canvassing, Unbiased Consciousness, Social Media & Storytelling;
Field Visits & Panel Sessions - Immersion Study, On-ground exploration, Building sustainable solutions, Exchange of best practices;
Evening with Visionaries - Work together with Latvia's brightest minds, visionaries, well-known entrepreneurs, political leaders, philanthropists

Forum overview - Way to an inclusive society 2020

The programme of the Forum has been split across 4 major phases, each phase aiming to achieve defined objectives contributing to the 3 outcomes of the Forum.
In the following months until 2020, the detailed program is elaborated upon.

Phase I - Integration Dialogue - The work begins!

During this stage, participants undergo an intense training to be able to identify current the most pressing issues the migrant communities across Latvia face and ideate on possible solutions. Participants form working focus groups and work to develop:
1. "Call for Action" - to foster and contribute to create more inclusive, efficient integration of South Asian nationals in Latvia (prioritised issues and proposed solutions).The Call for Action will be introduced to the leading Latvian political parties prior to the next Latvian Parliament elections.
2. Build and nurture impact-oriented partnerships between the migrant communities, public authorities and the private sector, creating an impact-oriented platform for dialogue to foster effective integration of South Asian nationals in Latvia.
3. Develop local and international mobility projects developing interventions solving the identified pressing issues and strengthening migrant community dialogue with public authorities and the private sector.

Phase II - Finalizing Social Impact Projects & Introducing the Call for Action

The 2nd phase of the initiative begins right after the Forum. Throughout the 2nd phase participants in collaboration with Make Room experts will work to:
- Introduce the "Call for Action" to the leading political parties and the civil society, encourage active and inclusive conversation with leading politicians on issues faced by the migrant communities in Latvia;
- Finalise the Social Impact projects and submit the proposals to the relevant EU Commission authorities (EuropeAid, Erasmus+ KA2 projects with India and South Asia)

Phase III - Implementation & Execution Phase

Each project will move to the implementation phase, both locally and internationally. With multiple activities across Latvia and internationally, the focus groups proceed to build its solution/intervention/innovationin in response to the identified issues.

Phase IV - Multiplier Effect - Lead the Integration!

At the end of a successful project, participants join the organising committee of the 2nd Integration Dialogue and become mentors to the 2nd batch of participants ensuring successful project development!

Visionaries/Trainers of the Integration Dialogue 2018

During the 3-day Training Forum Participants will:

Identify problems

Work closely together in order to identify and priorotise some of the most pressing issues faced by the migrant communities across Latvia.

Propose Interventions

Ideate and innovate Latvia-specific sustainable and effective interventions/solutions to the identified issues.

Develop skills

Develop the skill-set required to translate ideas into action. Gather the tools needed to execute innovative solutions within your local community and gain experience in negotiation, diplomacy, consensus-building for leadership.

Effective Immersion Studies

Gain in-depth knowledge and get to know existing opportunities fostering effective integration in Latvia. See first hand how public authorities and not for profit organisations work to create effective, area-specific integration mechanisms.

Write Projects

Gain expertise of Logical Framework Analysis and Human Cenetered Design approach in writing international mobility projects to solve the identified issues. Become an expert in project writing!

Evenings with Legends

Learn from the best and work closely together with Latvia's leading practitioners and thinkers. Network with relevant stakeholders including youth, academicians, government officials, social entrepreneurs, and civil society organisations.

Panel Sessions

Be a part of controversial and hot topic discussions with other changemakers and leading practitioners. Advocate and express your opinion to others.

#ID2018Latvija Ambassador

Become one of the first change agents to contribute to create an inclusive society.


Be a part of a nurturing Indian - European social change ecosystem fostering intellectual and practical collaboration among changemakers at the grassroots and macro level government institutions.

Eligibility to participate

You are eligible to participate at the 1st Integration Dialogue, if you're a South Asian national
(Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka)
and currently reside in Latvia and you are at least 18 years old.

Applications will be screened on individual basis and successful applicants will be informed within 7 days of registration.

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Organisers & Partners

Integration Dialogue works in collaboration with distinguished experts from leading organizations from across Latvia, Europe and Asia.

Registration Fee - EUR 10

Accepted participants will be informed within 7 days of registration and will be required to pay the Participation Fee.
The Integration Dialogue is sponsored by Make Room partners and well-wishers. The organisers of the Integration Dialogue will cover accommodation,
food, field visits, cultural sessions, field immersion studies, the training materials, interactions with visionaries of all selected participants.

Participants need to plan and bear their own travel expenses to and from Dobele.

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Focus Working Groups


Local and International Projects


(50+) Participants

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