To solve the world's most pressing problems, collaboration among people, nations, political and economic unions are paramount.
Connecting the world is no longer a choice, but an imperative.


Make Room India is an Indian-European ecosystem where - Leaders build innovative solutions;
Change-makers accelerate their goals by open dialogue and exchange of good practices;
Sustainable Solutions are Advocated for social change.

We are a social change ecosystem that connects India and Europe.
Whilst Europe has the leading entrepreneurship ecosystem in the world, India has the fastest growing ecosystem
and we intend to harness the combined power of both.

In March, 2016 European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker, Council of Europe President Donald Tusk and Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi reconfirmed their commitment to jointly strengthen the Strategic Partnership between European Union and India. The partnership was established to strengthen the collaboration between European Union and India in wide range of areas for cooperation such as foreign and security policy, trade and investment, economy, global issues as well as people to people contacts and human rights. Click here to read more!

Make Room India is an independently organized Social Change Ecosystem creating and strengthening civil society's cooperation to drive positive social change across Europe and India. Make Room India is Indian-European Social Change Ecosystem, a unique platform for impact-oriented intellectual, cultural and personal interactions between Europe and India.

Established in June, 2016, Make Room India fosters civil dialogue and creates impact-oriented partnerships between individuals and organizations of Europe and India and facilitates dialogue to create effective initiatives developing innovative, sustainable and easily-replicable solutions to problems found in both - Europe and India.


Whilst Europe has the world's leading entrepreneurship ecosystem, India has the fastest growing ecosystem and Make Room India works to harness the power of both for mutually beneficial social change. Bridging the gap between the world's oldest and the world's biggest democracies in mutual dialogue and exchange of good practices ultimately contributes towards common society-driven development of today.

Make Room India's main focus as an ecosystem fostering social change across India and Europe is to build and strengthen strategic partnerships between organizations working to drive positive social change, notably within the sectors of health, inequality, climate and education; build and develop innovative solutions in response to the identified issues; build, promote and foster strategic dialogue between civil societies and public authorities to encourage active citizenship and promote civil society's active engagement in creating and developing social change oriented policy reforms.

Partnerships & Internationalization of individuals and organizations active in the field social change
across Europe and India:

1. Build, strengthen and promote strategic partnerships;
2. Enhance the management, governance and innovation capacity

Innovative solutions to the identified problems of Europe and India:
3. Develop and create innovative, easily-replicable tools/services/products

Strategic community involvement for policy reform:
4. Conduct research and develop qualitative studies as open educational resources of public authority-driven schemes/reforms/bills;
5. Screen, evaluate and follow public authority-driven schemes/reforms/bills affecting active citizenship and democracy;
6. Create and promote transnational, cooperative collaboration between civil-society driven organizations and public authorities;
7. Create, test and launch systems/structures/processes of policy reform developed through exchange of good practices;
8. Create and support strategic dialogue between public authorities and the civil society to encourage active participation in democratic processes

Social Change:
9. Overall to create, strengthen and support positive and impact-driven social change supported by civil-society developed easily-replicable solutions.


To solve the world's most pressing problems, collaboration among people, nations, political and economic unions are paramount. Connecting the world is no longer a choice, but an imperative. An ecosystem, where impact-oriented transnational partnerships are built; innovations to address socially relevant problems are developed; strategic dialogues between civil societies and public authorities are created is crucial for creating actively engaged communities with passion and capacity to solve issues of today. Make Room India envisions a well-connected global society of communities actively engaged in promoting and exercising fundamental values of democracy.


The team combines the power of both - India & Europe

Changemakers' Room

Ecosystem's flagship initiative developing international impact projects


Initiatives driving positive social change bringing India & Europe closer